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Pirkey Avot Series

Take a small step into Rabbi's Cartun's brand new illustrated translation and commentary of Pirkey Avot v'Immahot, Chapters of the Fathers and Mothers We'll explore the implications of some of the most famous and challenging sayings in Pirkey Avot.  This new version is translated and explained in ways relevant to those with a modern, scientific mindset and designed to be interesting and engaging for teens and adults of all gender identities and orientations.
The class is free for everyone.
The books are $36 each

Congregation Etz Chayim never wants finances to be a barrier to full participation in our programs. This is not a fundraiser - $36 is our actual cost for printing the books. But if you are unable to afford this amount, please select "bill me" rather than paying by credit card, then contact Ellen Bob ( to make appropriate financial arrangements.
Sun, October 20 2019 21 Tishrei 5780